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Supervision and International Affairs

We are sharp, capable and strongly argumentative supervisor of regional interests. We live international everyday life, we recognize the opportunities of EU policy and participate in the discussion between Finland and the European Union. We also recognize the central processes and players in national politics – who to influence and with whom.

Toni K. Laine

Region Mayor

Regional supervision,
Management and leading of the organization

+358 50 463 7810

Krista Taipale

Director, International Affairs

Häme Goes Global project, Häme EU Office (Brussels)

+32 49 812 6000

Area of responsibility for Vitality

In this area of responsibility we have experts in regional development and regional land use planning. They are responsible for the preparation and development of the regional plan and the transport system plan, which are helping to create the basis for sustainable way of life, development and vitality for our municipalities and our region. They strategically guide the regional project portfolio, assemble the implementation force behind the Green Growth Häme focal points, prepare the funding program period and the selection of funded projects, and support the region’s project consortia.

Jyri Sarkkinen

Director, Regional Development

Regional Council management, director of the area of ​​responsibility for Vitality

+358 50 523 1598

Regional Developmen Team

Sebastian Hovi

Senior Advisor, Regional Development

Implementation, planning and funding of the Green Growth Häme Regional Development program and Smart Specialisation Strategy (Smart Häme)

+358 50 563 7297

Pirkko Kiikeri-Kuusela

Development Coordinator

Administration of EU and national funding programs, administration of the Regional Cooperation Group and the Secretariat of the Regional Cooperation Group.

+358 50 353 7897

Jukka Lidman

Region Analyst

Statistics and information service, forecasting, management with information, leader of the information team.

+358 50 479 2541

Marko Mälly

Manager, Regional Development

Supervisor of the Regional Development Tteam, regional and national funding programs, ERDF program, secretary for the Regional Cooperation Group, chairperson for the Regional Cooperation Group Secretariat.

+358 50 575 2193

Arto Saarinen

Senior Advisor, Regional Development

Implementation, planning and funding of the Green Growth Häme Regional Development program and Smart Specialisation Strategy (Smart Häme), Central Baltic and Interreg Europe Programs

+358 50 305 2539

Minna Takala

Project Manager

Häme Goes into Ecosystems project

+358 50 526 4648

Regional Land Use Planning Team

Juuso Helander

Senior Advisor, Transportation

Development and monitoring of the transport system, transport expert tasks, transport cooperation and working groups.

+358 46 922 6643

Heidi Koponen

Manager, Regional Land Use Planning

Supervisor of the regional land use planning team, regional planning, community structure, housing, cultural environment, landscape areas.

+358 44 555 2342

Paula Mustonen

Senior Advisor, Regional Land Use Planning

Preparation of the regional plan, nature conservation and natural resource matters, regional climate cooperation, recreation areas and trails, spatial data materials and analyses. Recreation Area Association representative.

+358 50 375 3218

Area of responsibility for Networking

In this area of responsibility we have experts in administration and communication. Their task is to secure the smooth everyday life of our organization and to ensure up-to-date and timely communication both internally and externally. In this area of responsibility the important actors influencing the region’s vitality are identified and brought together, networks are built and collaboration platforms are created for the municipalities and other actors in our region, and we influence them ourselves as well.

Jouko Ylipaavalniemi

Director, Networking

Regional Council management, director of the area of responsibility for networking, stakeholder and supervising collaborations, international affairs

+358 50 327 2837

Administration Team

Auli Hieta

Secretary, Finances

Financial and personnel matters, duties of the pension representative.

+358 44 303 0720

Marita Lähteenmäki

Manager, Administration

Supervisor of the administration team, trust personnel administration, personnel and financial administration, general administration.

+358 40 357 9262

Tanja Knuuttila

Assistant, Administration

Administrative tasks.

+358 50 441 7867

Jaana Laakso

Executive Assistant, Contact Coordinator

Customer and stakeholder meetings and events, tourism and cultural affairs of the region.

+358 50 370 1417

Anna-Riitta Rajaveräjä

Secretary, Case Management

Document management tasks: diary, archive and case management system.

+358 44 300 6232

Riikka Rintala

Coordinator, Administration

Supporting and developing the functionality of the administration, data protection coordinator

+358 44 906 3242

Olli Vaunumäki

IT Adviser

ICT support services, contact person for telecommunication connections, ICT acquisitions, real estate services.

+358 40 586 2641


Reetta Sorjonen

Head of Communications

Preparation of communication strategic guidelines, communication planning and implementation, media relations, communication team leader.

+358 44 300 5230