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About us


The Regional Council of Häme is an influencing expert and developing organization with deep roots and close to everyday life. We rely on democratic decision-making in Finland. The focal points of our operations are centered on the supervision of interests, cooperation and development in accordance with our goals, domestically and internationally.

We have two statutory duties: regional land use planning and regional development. These topics include development and planning tasks in the whole region. We guide the regional development in accordance with the law and regulations. And we take care of the preparation of the regional plan and its up-to-dateness and development.

As you can see, our core tasks are largely statutory, but there are also many development activities where we can make choices ourselves and together with other regional actors.

Supervisor of Regional Interests

We are sharp, capable, prepared and strongly argumentative supervisor of regional interests. We live international everyday life, we recognize the opportunities of EU policy and participate in the discussion between Finland and the European Union.

We also recognize the central processes and players in national politics – who to influence and with whom.

Häme EU Office in Brussels promotes the vitality, international visibility and competitiveness of the Kanta-Häme region and its actors through activities related to the European Union and European cooperation.


We recognize vital actors for growth and combine and steer their resources efficiently. These actors in our region, all around Finland and globally include eg. central businesses, municipalities, development organizations, educational institutions, research institutions and financiers.

We systematically construct networks and platforms that are essential for competitiveness, we produce cooperation services for tasks agreed on by a three-hubbed region.

Enabler of Development

We strategically steer the region’s project portfolio and assemble the implementation force behind the selected focal points of the Green Growth Region regional development programme.

The preparation of the upcoming funding programme period, the selection of the projects to be funded, and the support of project consortiums for the utilization of external sources of funding all aim towards shared goal.

We create preconditions for growth and a foundation for a sustainable way of life and development. We promote growth and sustainability via regional land use plan, transport system plan and other planning instruments.

Sometimes we make difficult choices when compiling the contents of development more determinedly. We recognize the region’s strengths that require development efforts in order to renew and strengthen our regional economy.

Our experts

Our employees are experts in their field as individuals, as a part of the Regional Council’s organization, and in their national and international networks.

They are experts in development. Each of them has a responsibility to and permission to develop and expand their own expertise.

We have set high level of ambition to our work and goals. Our motto Burning for Expertise tells about our mindset and approach to work. This strives our employees forward. Our working culture is primed to serve the management of and by knowledge.

Contact information to our experts can be found from here.

Regional Council as a Workplace

We want to be the best in region and at the forefront in Europe as a supervisor of interests, developer, cooperation partner and workplace. We have a good-spirited work community that encourages and provides support for each other.

Our office is located in the city of Hämeenlinna. Employees are provided with exercise, cultural and lunch benefits and a comprehensive occupational health care. We are a flexible workplace in coordinating work and other life.

Our international everyday life is visible especially through our own Brussels office, the Häme EU Office, but also through the international networks in which we are involved.

Get to know our strategy for 2025 from the following link:

Regional Council of Häme Strategy 2025

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