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Terms and Conditions

Päivitetty is a website that provides information about the tasks and services of the Regional Council of Häme, and information about the Kanta-Häme region. The Regional Council of Häme owns and operates this website.

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The website uses cookies. These cookies are used to store some information of the website visitors. There is no commercial content in the website and the cookies are not storing information for commercial purposes. The visitor information will not be disclosed to a third party.

For more information, please read Privacy Policy in the Regional Council.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that is stored on your device when you visit a website. Websites use cookies to identify the user’s computer or mobile device. Cookies do not damage the user’s device or files, and cookies cannot be used to access programs or spread malware.

For more information about cookies, please visit the Traficom website:

Why we use cookies?

Cookies are used to identify the device when it comes to the site again. Cookies store selections made on the website in the past, thus improving the user experience of the website. Some cookies are necessary for the technical operation of the website.

Cookies can be used to collect the following information, among others:

  • time of the day
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  • from which website the user has come to this website
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Third party cookies

The third party ancillary services on this website (such as YouTube videos, Google Statistics, or Facebook and Twitter plug-ins) store information used to identify the user. If you want to prevent services from tracking your online traffic, so called third party cookies can be turned off in your browser settings. More detailed instruction can be found on the browser’s website.

This website may also have buttons that make it easier to share content across different online communication platforms and social media. If the buttons are used, the service can set a cookie on the device. These cookies are not under the control of the Regional Council of Häme.

For more information on the use of third party cookies, please visit the website of those services.

Managing and blocking the cookies

In the browser settings you can choose whether to accept the use of cookies. If the use of cookies is not accepted, the website of the Regional Council of Häme can be used, but the choice may limit the functionality of the website and services. The settings of your Internet browser can also be changed so that the user is notified whenever cookies are being stored on the computer. For more information, please look for your browser’s instruction.

If cookies are blocked some functions on our website may not work properly.