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Häme EU Office


The office promotes the vitality, international visibility and competitiveness of the Häme Region and its actors through activities related to the European Union and European cooperation.

We provide information related to the European Union and support the EU lobbying. In addition, we provide information on European networks, partners, events and EU funding opportunities that are important for actors in Häme Region.

Häme EU Office is centrally located in the EU quarter of Brussels, in the House of Cities, Municipalities and Regions. The office is just a short walk from the European Parliament, the EU institutions and key EU stakeholders.

Welcome to visit us at the Häme EU Office!

Krista Taipale, Director, Häme EU Office

Contact Information

Krista Taipale

Director, Häme EU Office
+32 49 812 6000

Anna Lounaskorpi

Junior Communications Officer
+32 49 763 8697

Häme EU Office
Square de Meeus 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium