The European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is an agreement between EU Member States and the Commission to deepen co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region. By implementing our Häme Program and the goals of Smart Tavastia – our smart specialization strategy – we are also implementing the EUSBSR.

The EUSBSR aims to strengthen co-operation and coordination between the EU countries in the Baltic Sea Region and to allocate resources to maximize their effectiveness. The aim is to solve the common challenges of the region and make better use of the opportunities. There is three general objectives:

  • Saving the sea.
  • Connect the region
  • Increase prosperity

The goals of the Baltic Sea Strategy has been taken into account in the regional program of Kanta-Häme. The two most common programs of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy, from which we also finance project in Kanta-Häme region, are the Interreg programs of the Baltic Sea Region and the Central Baltic.

We in Kanta-Häme region are actively involved in the implementation of the common Baltic Sea Strategy for example through various projects funded by these programs.