EU Cooperation


We have set our goals sufficiently ambitious enough. We want to be the best in our region, but that is not enough – we also want to be at the forefront of Europe as a lobbyist, developer, collaborator and workplace.

Our experts are familiar with the possibilities of European Union funding sources and other instruments.

We live an international daily life, we are aware of the possibilities of EU Policy and we are involved in the debate between Finland and EU.

Our task is systematically build networks and cooperation platforms that are essential for the competitiveness of our region, both domestically and internationally. We identify key players needed for growth and pool resources.

We are therefore creating the necessary contacts and cooperation channels in the EU with other regions that have similar strengths and development goals as we have in Kanta-Häme region.

The main themes are Circular and Bioeconomy and the overall use of natural resources as well as utilization of new technologies such as Robotics and 5G. These themes are especially emphasized when we promote international project implementations.

We do lobbying work in the EU area, mainly in Brussels, together with other Finnish regions and actors. Kanta-Häme region has also own EU Office in Brussels which you can learn more from here: Häme EU Office.

Our experts have extensive national and international networks, which we always utilize, depending on the subject of lobbying and other cooperation. We are also involved in various international networks.